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Impressions of The Civil War in The West

Paintings  and Sketches  by  Dan Woodward

2015 marked the 154th anniversary of the American Civil War, and this traveling exhibit depicts events that occurred in Missouri and other western states, in what was known as the Trans Mississippi Theater.

Actual  locations and scenes were adhered to as faithfully  as  possible,  including the many reenactments of battles and camp life.  Historians,  Will  Tollerton  of Nevada, John Petersen, John Bradbury and Dr. Lawrence Christensen of Rolla, Libby Sanders and Delores Wood of Salem, Barb Huddleson, Betty McAtee, Warren Hollrah and Don Ernst of Fulton, Larry Oneal of Baxter Springs Kansas, Omar Reed of Muskogee, Oklahoma, Kathleen Spindell of Springfield, Illinois, and many more provided  invaluable  advice on correct period dress and deportment. Will  Tollerton, Stephen Schrock, Don Wilson, John Petersen, Omar Reed, Rob and Bob Frueh,  portrayed soldiers in several of the paintings,  as did the living history representatives  of the 3rd  Missouri, Elijah Gates Camp 570, 13th Light Artillery CSA & St. Louis USA, The Turner Brigade of Missouri Volunteers, Fort Huachuca Cavalry Assoc., Sons of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Union Veterans, and many others.

The Ray House

Oil – 20″x 16″

[Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield]

The National Park Service has preserved the original farm house, which overlooks large fields in front of the Creek. Mr. Ray had been U.S. Postmaster for the area and his house was utilized for mail service and later, a make-shift“hospital.” He observed the battle from the front porch while his family and female slaves hid in the cellar. After the engagement in Ray’s cornfield ended,“ the family emerged from hiding, [and] wounded men covered the floors and occupied every bed.” Mrs. Ray (Roxanna) and the family quickly began to assist caring for the wounded.  

 (According to authors William Piston and Richard Hatcher III – Wilson’s Creek. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press).

Powder Keg from Island No. 10 – New Madrid, Missouri

Ruins of Fort Union –  on The Santa Fe Trail, New Mexico

The Charge – oil – 18″x 24 [3rd Missouri at Wilson’s Creek]

A Rumor of Quantrill – Kansas/Missouri Border Country

At The Ready – Fort Blair, Baxter Springs, Kansas

One of Quantrill’s Bushwhackers – Baxter Springs Massacre [Kansas]

Song of the Bob White, The Veteran Returns – Phelps County, Missouri

The Drummer Boy’s Pet – Arkansas encampment

The Advance – Battle of Pilot Knob, Missouri

Comrades – Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Sad News – Salem, Missouri

Union Cavalry on the Field

Battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma

Rebel Warrior Taunts His Enemy

Battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma

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